DDDD: Mercenary Menagerie & The Princes of the Apocalypse

Session 2: Whose Job is it Anyway?

6-8 Ches (3), Claw of Sunsets; 1491 DR, Year of the Scarlet Witch

The group awakens in Red Larch at the Swinging Sword.  The proprietor, Kaylessa Irkell, told the group of disturbances near town caused by fell magic.  She believes these are related to a dark presence at Lance Rock, offering a reward for any who investigate it.  They then went to Mellikho Stoneworks and, masquerading as potential buyers, spoke with Albaeri Mellikho.  Finally, Constable Harbuk thanked the group for checking on Lance Rock and also mentioned a group of bandits south-east of town.

The group set out for Lance Rock a narrow, twenty-five foot menhir of bare, gray rock that juts eastward at a sixty-degree angle.  A nearby trail lead to a cave in which several undead beings dwell.  The group has spent the last 2 days clearing out the undead menace.


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