DDDD: Mercenary Menagerie & The Princes of the Apocalypse

Session 0

A dwarf cleric of Dumathoin hired the reputable raider, Cloak, to retrieve a tome for him.  After finding it it in a tomb close-by Yartar, Cloack decided it would better suit him to sell it off to the highest bidder.  He peddled the book at the Inn of the Glowing Gem.  This caught the eye of Alaren who had heard of this book, The Life and Times of Unoth Axeriver.  It was rumored to contain hints of a long-forgotten dwarven kingdom in the Dessarin Valley.  Linx was also sent to the area to look into the recent escalation of disturbances, and was informed by her contacts in Yartar that this tome might help in uncovering the mystery.

After convincing Linx to open the tome, and Alaren to translate it, the three set off to the Red Larch, the closest town to investigate the Sumber Hills.


TurnBlue TurnBlue

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