DDDD: Mercenary Menagerie & The Princes of the Apocalypse

Session 3: The Lord of Lance Rock

9-10 Ches (3), Claw of Sunsets; 1491 DR, Year of the Scarlet Witch

The party finished cleansing the self-stylized Lord of Lance Rock, and returned to Red Larch for their reward.  Afterwards, they left to clear out a small bandit encampment, making a bear friend in the meantime.  As they returned to Red Larch, there was a large commotion.  A massive sinkhole opened up in the road.  A number of the town elders were ushering people away from the hole, while others were working to help a number of people who had fallen down the hole.  The party began investigating leads as to why the elders were so concerned with the cave-in, calling Albaeri Mallhiko into suspicion, though she was nowhere to be found at her quarry office.  Stannor, a halfling, offered the group some information of where they might be able to find the secret meeting place of the elders.


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